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Have an Inquiry?   The blog for the coming-soon shop No Nonsense Creations, ran by the artist, which will be officially opened as announced. The best way to get sneak peeks, in progress and occasionally some useful tips for crafting with Sculpey clay.

I cover a large range of subjects- from cartoon inspired monsters and video game replicas- some for sale and some for fun. I take requests of almost all shapes and sizes, just shoot me an ask. Asks of all shades are welcome!

Cosplay ask blog:

Abathur from Star Craft II

In Progress pt 2 (Part One Here)

Abathur’s actual back was a mental anguish- I had absolutely no reference pictures for it, so I used what I could glean from mere glimpses to construct a reasonably believable texture and shape.

Attaching limbs was a skill I hadn’t had much practice with before, but- wow- did I master it after this thing or what? Ten different limbs, five different sizes, and all presented their own challenges. The larger ones were actually the more difficult because of their ‘root’ need to the core, and I tried to sink them into the thicker base as much as possible. Lesson learned: Build the skeleton then sculpt around it.

I textured the limbs in depth before looking to secure them, and re-textured as I handled each, trying to avoid touching them as much as possible.

For more info check out the captions on each image.

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